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Thank you for your support and involvement in the St Luke’s Hospice Christmas tree collection.

St Luke’s Hospice Christmas tree collection brings together local organisations such as Round Table, Rotary, Businesses, Scout and sports groups and hospice staff and volunteers. Together, we collect and recycle the Christmas trees working tirelessly over a four day a period. The chippings are used in various ways but mainly to create paths and bedding. The whole purpose is to raise vital funds and to be environmentally green at the same time.

This year from Thursday 9th January to Sunday 12th January, the amazing volunteers collected over 3,003 Christmas trees which has raised an amazing £31,350.82 (including Gift Aid and after costs). St Luke’s Hospice need to raise nearly £9,000 per day to continue to offer our amazing work in the community. 90% of the monies raised will go to St Luke's Hospice with the remaining 10% going to local charities. The total of £3,135.08 has been distributed to the following local charities:

  • Sandbach Food Bank (£335.08)
  • Cheshire Forest Guides PettyPool (£300.00)
  • Middlewich Round Table (£500.00)
  • Tarporley War Memorial (£500.00)
  • Children's Adventure Farm (£500.00)
  • Tarporley Rotary Club (£500.00)
  • Northwich Running Club have requested that their donation of £500 be re-donated to St Luke's Hospice


For further information about the Christmas tree collection or to get involved next year please contact Jane Thompson by email



About the Hospice

St Luke’s is not just a building – it’s a group of staff, volunteers, and supporters who work together to provide exceptional end of life care to patients and support to their families.

We provide this care to people living in Mid and South Cheshire, and because we believe the end of life deserves as much beauty, care and respect as the beginning, everything we do is provided free of charge.

We offer a personalised approach to illness and care for patients around the clock, which means we have to raise over £3 million a year to do what we do. Our approach to care stretches beyond nursing and medication; it includes, counselling, family support, therapies to calm and relax, it incorporates specialist and high quality food and nutrition and often a fragrant bubble bath, a fluffy dressing gown perhaps with the odd glass of ‘something nice’ where appropriate.  Nothing we do is too much trouble and the patient and their family are the centre of our world.

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