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Kirkwood Hospice Christmas tree recycling campaign was a huge success in 2018, with 450 Christmas trees registered for collection raising £3,497.61*

The trees were collected by the volunteers and recycled at Oakwell Hall Country Park. 

90% of the monies raised went to Kirkwood Hospice - £3147.85 and the remaining 10% went to West Yorkshire 4x4 receiving a total of £349.76.

If you have any queries or would like to get in touch about the next Christmas tree collection, please contact us on 01484 557911 or email

The West Yorkshire 4x4 Volunteers are, as the name suggests, a Volunteer group who use privately owned and maintained 4x4 vehicles to assist the local community in times of need. This is often in extraordinary circumstances or extreme weather, such as heavy snow or flooding. The West Yorkshire 4x4 Volunteers also attend shows and help at local events. This enables them to engage with the local community and to raise awareness of their group.


* After operating costs and including Gift Aid.

About the Hospice

Within the next decade, someone we know will be diagnosed with an illness that they won’t get better from.

A parent, grandparent, partner, sibling, son or daughter. A friend, a colleague, or neighbour. At some point in the future, and with increasing regularity, we will all have to face up to this painful reality. 

At Kirkwood, we don’t think that anyone should have to face this alone.

We are here to support anyone affected by a life limiting illness, every step of the way.

We need the help of our community to make sure that everyone affected by a life limiting illness has access to the very best care and support. We need to raise £19,000 every day to keep our services going. By supporting our Christmas Tree Collection you are enabling us to continue providing this care.  Thank you.

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