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Volunteering - it does you good!

With busy lives and evermore demands on our time, it can be difficult to find the time to volunteer. However, volunteering doesn't mean you have to give a long-term commitment or take a huge amount of time out of your already busy day, but a few hours here and there can make an enormous difference to help those in need.

The bonus is that volunteering can also improve your health and happiness. Volunteering can help protect your mental health by reducing stress and giving you a sense of purpose and if it is physical activity you are also looking after your physical health too!  Volunteering adds to your valuable skills helping to supercharging your CV.


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The results are in …… Christmas tree collection 2019

Thank you. WOW!. You did it with your donations of £412,535 and the fabulous volunteers who collected and recycled a staggering 33,233 real Christmas trees.

And after weeks of planning some 919 volunteers from across the country set off in vans, trucks and lorries to collect the trees from the local homes and businesses who had donated and registered their tree online.

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Christmas tree collection doubles fundraising total for Dorothy House Hospice

Dorothy House Hospice more than doubled their last year’s fundraising total for their Christmas tree collection raising £27,261.51. They collected over 2,360 trees across nine postcodes in BaNES, Somerset and Wiltshire.  The Christmas tree collection has grown considerably since the first collection in January 2017 which raised £6,395.90, 

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Zoo animal residents love Christmas trees!

Animals including chimpanzees, bears and parrots at the Welsh Mountain Zoo are to get extra bedding and feed thanks to the donation of over 50 real Christmas trees collected as part of the Christmas tree collection in aid of St Kentigern Hospice.

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Now What Happened to My Tree?

If you chose to register your Christmas tree with us, you may be asking yourself what’s actually happened to it? Where has it gone and how was it recycled?  Once the wonderful volunteers collected your tree, there’s a number of things it may be used for. Continue reading here to find out what could have happened to your tree.

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The Christmas tree collection animation

We are thrilled with our Christmas tree collection animation which has been done by a company called Formworks in Didsbury who have been amazing and donated this animation to JustHelping. 

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All the Christmas tree collections in England and Wales

Donate it. Don't dump it.

What better way to dispose of your Christmas tree giving it a new lease of life than by registering it to be collected and recycled raising money for local charities.

There are many Christmas tree collections throughout England and Wales and you can find your nearest collection here......

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121 Systems going the extra mile to support the Christmas tree collection

When it comes to volunteering 121 Systems trading as TRU are the crème de la crème.

For the past four years, they have been supporting JustHelping and all the collections by giving us access to their sophisticated routing technology which produces route journey’s for each Christmas tree collection so that the volunteers can collect the trees. And in the true spirit of volunteering, TRU has donated this service to JustHelping as they share the same passion for raising money for hospices and local charities.

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Top Tree Decorating Tips, You’ll Wish You’d Known Sooner

Very soon, people up and down the country will be getting out the Christmas decorations to begin the holiday season in earnest. Decorating the Christmas tree is a big part of the festive celebrations and has the potential to be a fun-filled, family day, so we have gathered together some of our best tips to help the decorating process run much smoother.

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The 4 C’s of Christmas Tree Buying

Christmas trees are the centre piece of any home. Friends, family and loved congregate around them and carefully wrapped presents shelter under the branches until Christmas day. They are an integral part to the festive season. Yet every year, they create the biggest debate – real or artificial?

Now they may all be lovingly decorated with ornaments and lights, but here are the pros and cons that you may consider before you go off to buy your tree.

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New partnership to generate donations for the Christmas tree collection

JustHelping is pleased to announce a new initiative for the winter 2018/9 Christmas tree collection.

We have formed a partnership with ‘Forest and Fir’, a company that supply premium grade Christmas trees from sustainable plantations in the UK. The Christmas trees are delivered direct to the door on a date and time of the buyer’s choice when they place an order online, on the Forest and Fir website. Their aim is to help people buy a real Christmas tree which can be delivered directly to their home, safe in the knowledge that it comes from a sustainable source and it is a premium product.

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#ChristmasCharitreeCollection – Step by Step Guide

Each year, the collection volunteers pick up the real Christmas trees and recycle them in aid of local hospices. It is a fun filled festive event that brings communities together and raises a huge amount of money for deserving local hospices.

From 15th November, you can register your Christmas tree for collection. The only rule? Just make sure it’s real!

The volunteers collect the real trees which are recyclable and can be shredded into chippings to be used locally in parks or woodland areas.  Want to know more? You can read more here for our step-by-step guide on exactly what happens during the #ChristmasCharitreeCollection…

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Our volunteers – we couldn’t manage without you.

When Mark Vaughan heard about the Christmas tree collection in aid of St Ann’s Hospice his interest was piqued, and he keenly helped, collecting trees in the Stockport area in January 2017. After spending the day with two other volunteers, he was overwhelmed with the enthusiasm of all involved, selflessly giving their time and energy to help raise money for local charities.

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Platform81 Lend a Helping Hand

JustHelping is enormously proud to have been chosen by local business Platform81 to manage our social media during the Christmas tree collection campaign.  This will undoubtedly raise the profile of the charity and increase awareness of the Christmas tree collection which raises money for local hospices and charities in England and Wales.

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3 Reasons Why You Should Be Planning Christmas in October

Not everybody will agree, but Christmas is definitely best when it’s started early. If you start your Christmas planning now, you will certainly see the benefits in December. Don’t believe us? Read our three reasons below as to why it’s best and we just might change your mind. There’s only 9 weeks to go until the big day so make sure you’re ready and raring to go!

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Our Christmas Mission

Last year we set a target of collecting 18,000 trees. We smashed this target with a final collection amount of nearly 24,000 trees. We can’t wait for what promises to be another record-breaking year, whilst raising large amounts of money for hospices and charities of whom we are proud to support.

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We're looking for volunteers.

We’re a small charity with big ambitions, so we’re always on the look out for volunteers to help us get closer to achieving our mission. Volunteers are a vital part of our organisation and we wouldn't exist without them. Volunteering is one of the most rewarding things you can do and it's good for your health too!

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The benefits of volunteering

Volunteering is one of the most rewarding things you can do and it's good for your health too! If you're thinking about volunteering read on to see why it could be the right thing for you.

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Final Results - Christmas tree collection 2018

As we send off the last cheques for donations to local charities, we are reflecting on a marvellously successful 2018 Christmas tree collection or to coin a famous catchphrase, 'didn't they do well.' And the results speak for themselves with a huge £231,530* in donations going to hospices and local charities and with 23,662 real Christmas trees collected and recycled by hundreds of volunteers up and down the country, we couldn't have wished for a better start to the year.

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Giving back to every corner of the local community and St Ann's Hospice

Summer may be fast approaching, but here at JustHelping we’re still looking back at what an amazing Christmas we had. One of our biggest collections is in the Greater Manchester Area, in aid of St Ann’s Hospice, the oldest and largest adult hospice outside of London.

For the fourth consecutive year, with the invaluable support of the local community, the Christmas tree collection in aid of St Ann’s has grown, and we are proud to say that this year was the biggest ever, going from 850 trees collected in 2016 to an incredible 1540 trees this year – raising a whopping £19,800 (including Gift Aid)!

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What we do - a volunteers view

There are a number of reasons why people choose to volunteer. For some it allows them to give something back to their local community and make a difference to the people around them. Some enjoy the challenge of learning a new skill, building on existing knowledge and meeting other like-minded people. However, regardless of the driver, the uniting factor is that volunteering can be as challenging and it is rewarding.

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A roaring sucess - The Lions Christmas tree collection

Members from two Lions Clubs - Derwent and Pocklington worked together on their latest venture in January collecting Christmas trees in parts of York raising money for St Leonard's Hospice, Martin House Children's Hospice and the Lions themselves. 

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Farleigh Hospice has a bumper Christmas tree collection!

For Farleigh Hospice, 2018 was the fourth year collecting Christmas trees and what a bumper year it was!

With more than 50 volunteers they managed to collect and shred over 2,000 Christmas trees. The shredded trees have been donated to Chelmsford City Council to spread over the local parks.

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Longfield Hospice - their first fabulous Christmas tree collection

It was Longfield Hospice first Christmas tree collection and they absolutely S-M-A-S-H-E-D their target of 1,000 trees.

Vans and volunteers spent the weekend scurrying around the county collecting old Christmas trees from outside people’s homes and raising an incredible £11,000. People registering their trees online were asked to make a donation which saved them the trouble of having to take the tree to the recycling centre after Christmas and trying to stuff it into the car boot when all the needles were dropping off.

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The Hospice of St Francis first Christmas tree collection

The Hospice of St Francis, which helps people in St Albans and Harpenden, collected 406 trees, raising £4,494 and were delighted with their first Christmas tree collection. 

A team of volunteers set out on January 6 and 7, supported by recycling contractor Veolia collecting all the trees. The old Christmas trees were then sent to a processing site to be be made into compost.

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Ten years collecting Christmas trees by St John's Hospice, Lancaster

St John's Hospice in Lancaster started collecting trees in 2009. Over the past nine years they have collected an amazing 5,184 trees which has resulted in over £47,000 donated to the Hospice by supporters of the Christmas Tree Collection. 

In January 2017, the 10th annual Christmas Tree Collection saw more than £15,640.00 received in online donations and 1,627 trees registered for collection with a few more being collected on the way!

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St Richard's Hospice, Worcester Christmas tree collection

After a fantastic few days more than 800 Christmas trees have been collected from homes across the county – raising a tremendous £10,518.31 (including Gift Aid) for the hospice with donations also going to other local charities including Malvern Special Families, Evesham Rugby Club under 7's, The Dogs Trust Evesham and Severn Valley Railway Charitable Trust. 

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Arthur Rank Christmas tree collection

The Christmas tree collection in aid of Arthur Rank Hospice took place on Friday 5th and Saturday 6th of January. Over the two days, 25 vans with over 50 volunteers took to the streets of Cambridgeshire to collect all the Christmas trees raising over £13,286 (including Gift Aid).

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The Lions Christmas tree collection in aid of St Leonard's Hospice

Two Lions Clubs have combined to raise funds for St. Leonards Hospice in York and Martin House Hospice Care for children and young people in Boston Spa. 

Pocklington District Lions Club will be collecting and disposing of real Christmas trees in postcodes YO42, YO43 3 & YO41 5.  Their colleagues at Derwent Lions are also participating in this event and their postcodes are: YO41 4, YO41 1 & YO19 5.

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Looking back on the Christmas tree collection 2017

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again, a time to look back at all the amazing work achieved by the volunteers from the hospices and local community groups and businesses and see what has been achieved this year. During 2017, there were 25 collections up and down the country, from Carlisle to Bath, Lincoln to Chelmsford, and all the way to North Wales, with the volunteers collecting an amazing 13,054 trees and raising more than a whopping £150,000!

Why not watch our overview of the Christmas tree collection 2017 here.

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St John's Hospice donate to Parkinson's UK and MNDA Cumbria

JustHelping were delighted to meet members of Parkinson’s UK Lancaster and Morecambe Support Group and representatives from North Lancashire/South Cumbria Branch of the MND Association for a cheque presentation following the hugely successful Charity Christmas Tree Collection in January of this year by St John’s Hospice.

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The Christmas tree collection experience by the Derwent Lions

During 2016, our Lions Club were exploring new projects that would provide a service, increase the profile of Lions in our area, and potentially generate some funds to enable us to help more worthy causes. A chance conversation at work by a recent new member coincidentally lit the blue touch paper that would help us ignite this aim!

Lion Jon had heard about raising funds by collecting and recycling old Christmas trees. Was this something we could trial in 2016? After a bit of internet digging, Lion Tony made contact with JustHelping. 

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Christmas trees helping to protect the sand dunes

The dunes on Barkby Beach are a Site of Special Scientific Interest and also a Special Protection area because of the important biodiversity.

They are home to the last seabird colony of little terns in Wales and are important for sand lizards, natterjack toads and rare orchids.

Mr Davies said the council hoped interpretation boards providing information and a new boardwalk system through the dunes would help people to enjoy them without causing damage.

Christmas trees are also being used in the reconstruction of sand dunes about four miles along from the beach, at Talacre in Flintshire.

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St Ann's Hospice receive a belated Christmas bonus

St Ann's Hospice has received a belated Christmas bonus, long after the tinsel was packed away. 

The hospice has been given an £11,246.41(including monies given from HG Scouts and St James Church) donation from national charity Just Helping which organises Christmas tree collections in aid of 25 hospices throughout the UK.

Many volunteers from local Sports clubs and Stockport based community groups collected 1,340 trees locally for recycling as part of the JustHelping Christmas tree recycling initiative.


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