121 Systems going the extra mile to support the Christmas tree collection

When it comes to volunteering 121 Systems trading as TRU are the crème de la crème.

For the past four years, they have been supporting JustHelping and all the collections by giving us access to their sophisticated routing technology which produces route journey’s for each Christmas tree collection so that the volunteers can collect the trees. And in the true spirit of volunteering, TRU has donated this service to JustHelping as they share the same passion for raising money for hospices and local charities.

TRU is one of the top vehicle optimisation solution companies which operates in Europe today, helping businesses plan and manage their transport operations. Their transport management platform allows businesses of all sizes from an SME with a handful of vehicles to larger organisations with more than 10,000 vehicles, to schedule thousands of vehicle movements every day of the week.

As the Christmas tree collection has grown, TRU has been with JustHelping every step of the way. Their dedication and professionalism are unsurpassed – not just for the provision of the routing platform each January but for the countless hours they have invested with JustHelping during the redevelopment of the website and the subsequent months of testing.

Equally, the Christmas tree collection couldn’t operate without the volunteers who collect all the Christmas trees. JustHelping works with the tree collections and TRU to schedule the routing so each tree collection can access and print off our journey’s through a secure portal via the JustHelping website. The routes are planned to consider the number of vehicles available and the setup of the volunteers and enable the volunteers to collect the trees efficiently and in the shortest time possible. And with hundreds of volunteers across the country collecting and recycling thousands upon thousands of Christmas trees in early January, the collaboration of JustHelping with the expertise of the team at TRU ensures a safe, enjoyable and very successful event which is now raising more than £230,000 for hospices and other local charities.

For more information about TRU, please contact the team today website