121 Systems to the Rescue

It is fair to say that, without the unwavering support Just Helping receives from 121 Systems, we simply wouldn’t be able to organise our Christmas tree collection and gift vital funds to hospices in our community each year. We speak to MD and Owner, Chris Sisson, to find out why he chose to get involved.

121 Systems are one of the top vehicle optimisation solution companies operating in Europe today, their transport management platform allows businesses of all sizes, from an SME with a handful of vehicles, to larger organisations with more than 10,000 vehicles, to schedule thousands of vehicle movements every day of the week. And it was because of their impeccable reputation that Norman Woodside from JustHelping received a recommendation about 121 Systems from the Institute of Logistics.

To set the scene, JustHelping needed some help; five years ago, we were in the position where we had more donations, volunteers and hospices looking to get involved than ever, and we needed software and support to help us achieve this in the most efficient way possible. As we’re a charity, we needed an intelligent solution that would allow us to maximise what we had – volunteers, vehicles and Christmas trees – and ensure we were collecting as many trees as possible in the time we had available, and the route was sensibly planned so we weren’t wasting fuel. And this is where 121 Systems came to the rescue!

Owner and Managing Director, Chris Sisson says: “I am very specific about the types of charities I want to work with. I want to know that what I’m giving will go directly to the charity that needs it, will help the local community and will bring that community together. So, when I first received that phone call from Norman, I knew straight away that Just Helping was the type of charity I wanted to get involved in.

“We help JustHelping every step of the way, from their website, to assisting 40 different collections with understanding and using the software, to the physical data input and the subsequent routing and travel journeys that the volunteers receive.

“Along with myself, there are five members of staff who get involved in this project each year. We are not a huge company, making millions in profit, there is no reward in what we do for JustHelping, other than it being the right thing to do. I am passionate about the importance of charity, and I believe if you can afford to give your time, your money or your expertise, and you’ve found a charity you believe in, that makes a difference and brings the community together, then you should do it.

“And it’s not just that JustHelping are giving to local hospices who do such incredible work, or that they are bringing communities together through volunteering, they are also doing something sustainable in helping to recycle unwanted trees and protecting the environment.

“I am so proud of my involvement in this charity, and if I could encourage other companies to get involved, either by offering their expertise or even just renting a van for the day for JustHelping, I definitely would. And if you don’t have corporate skills to offer, I would get involved with the volunteering, it is like a street party! A large group of like-minded, charitable people, giving up a few hours of their Christmas to do something for the greater good. Alternatively, you could sign up and donate your Christmas tree and help support the local hospices providing care in your area. However you want to get involved, there’s a way! And you can be sure in the knowledge that whatever way you choose, you are helping someone in need.”

If you’ve been inspired by Chris’ amazing words and actions, then you can find out more about becoming a corporate partner or volunteering here.