3 Reasons Why You Should Be Planning Christmas in October

Not everybody will agree, but Christmas is definitely best when it’s started early. If you start your Christmas planning now, you will certainly see the benefits in December. Don’t believe us? Read our three reasons below as to why it’s best and we just might change your mind. There’s only 9 weeks to go until the big day so make sure you’re ready and raring to go!

You can separate chores from celebration

Even though you’re busy planning, it’s important to remind yourself that the festive period is meant to be fun. If you have everything well thought out, it makes it much easier for you to separate your chores from time you should be spending celebrating. Knowing exactly what is happening and when during this busy period means that when it’s time to celebrate, you can truly relax and enjoy yourself.

People get booked up

Christmas is a busy period for everybody and this can cause a bit of a problem if you’re planning to host a party or book something in with family and friends. Sorting this in October means you will more than likely be able to play around with plenty of empty diaries. This applies for events too like Christmas parties as they can soon get booked up early on.

Time flies

Like we said, there is only 9 weeks left. If you think about everything that needs to be done before the 25th of December in terms of presents, decorations, food and everything in between; the list can quickly mount up. Preparing in advance means that all these tasks can be broken down and prioritised for each of the ten weeks, so less stress will accumulate. As well as having a completed to-do list you’ll be more organised and so, less likely to forget anything or have a mad rush within the final weeks

Here at JustHelping we are also eager to plan early on when it comes to the Christmas period. We ask for volunteers throughout October and our registration for Christmas trees opens in November. Make sure you are just as organised and make a difference to a local hospice by getting in touch with us today.