Corporate Volunteering - kickstart the New Year and help with the Christmas tree collection

Corporate volunteering or employee volunteering is a simple and effective way for businesses to contribute to the community. 

More and more businesses are introducing employee volunteering as they recognise the benefits it brings, only for the employee but also for the business and the wider community. The Christmas tree collection presents an ideal opportunity for businesses to kick start the New Year with some volunteering as Bouygues Energies & Services Manchester found out last year when they helped with the collection in aid of St Ann's Hospice.

BYES Contracting as part of the larger Bouygues Construction group in the UK  is a ‘Responsible & Committed’ employer, building on our heritage, experience and expertise to shape and improve the everyday for people, places and the planet.  Our aim is to deliver harmonious communities through shared innovation and sustainable solutions, underpinned by ethical and responsible behaviours that encourage diversity and inclusion. 

Our commitments are underpinned by Bouygues Construction UK’s Values: Respect, Excellence, Courage, Integrity, Passion and Empowerment.

We got involved with the Christmas tree collection through our B-Involved programme whereby each employee receives 2 days a year to complete volunteering in their local communities.  All employees who joined the event feedback that they,  personally enjoyed working with different departments on a common goal to collect as many Christmas trees as possible in a single day to raise money for a local charity.

From supporting the tree collection, employees got a true feeling of what Christmas is all about, which is bringing people together to work on a good cause for the betterment of the community.  We look forward to assisting the 2020 campaign, not only for the food! But of course the good laugh and team spirit that flows throughout the day