Easy Ways to Give Back this Christmas

Christmas has become so commercially focused – from mountains of presents under the Christmas tree, to epic Christmas Day feasts that are impossible to finish, to endless Christmas parties with free-flowing drinks – and it can leave some with a lingeringly guilty feeling that while they are enjoying so much, there are some who have little to enjoy. In this blog, we explore some easy ways you can give back this Christmas.

There’s a mountain of presents under the Christmas Tree, the fridge is overflowing with deliciously, decadent food, and you’re on your fifth Christmas party and we haven’t even reached 25th December!

It is so easy to become swept up in the consumerism and extravagance of Christmas, yet it can leave some with a lingeringly guilty feeling that while they are enjoying so much, there are some who have little to enjoy over the festive period. To help you enjoy Christmas and give something back this year, we have come up with some easy ways to help others while celebrating the festive season.

Christmas Cards

Why not forgo sending Christmas cards this year and replace it with a charitable donation instead? You could write an email to each person you would have sent a card to, wishing them a ‘Merry Christmas’, and letting them know that you have made a charitable donation on their behalf. You feel good, they feel good, and most importantly a deserving charity benefits from your Christmas spirit and generosity.

Food, Glorious, Food

If your cupboards are overflowing with delicious Christmas food and treats this year, why not use some of it to donate to a local food bank and help someone who needs it? Christmas is often one of the busiest times for food banks, as families struggle to heat their homes, exchange gifts and ensure there is enough to eat. Christmas is a time for giving and sharing, and your Christmas meal will taste much better knowing you’ve also fed a family in crisis.

Gift Wisely

A seriously easy way to give back while also enjoying Christmas this year, is to gift presents that already contain a charitable donation. For example, a fashion lover would be thrilled with Vivienne Westwood’s Save The Rainforest T-Shirt, which gives a portion of the £25 price tag to the Cool Earth Foundation which has already saved nearly a million acres of rainforest. Or, how about Blue Cross Man’s Best Friends Socks, so sweet and the proceeds will help the Blue Cross care for and re-home over 40,000 pets every year. There are so many choices for very covetable, charity gifts this year.

So Easy with JustHelping

And our favourite way to give back this Christmas? That would have to be donating to JustHelping to support the Christmast ree collection where the volunteers collect and recycle your unwanted tree. Your donation will go towards helping local hospices and charities in your area, that provide vital services to people in need all year round. You will also have the reassurance that your unwanted Christmas tree will not go to landfill, polluting our planet, but will be recycled and used in one of the many environmental projects we have links with. Donating and registering your tree couldn’t be easier, simply follow this link.

We hope our list has inspired you with some quick and easy ways you can spread festive spirit and cheer by giving back this Christmas. If you’re looking for even more ways to help such as leafleting or being part of the team that pick up Christmas trees, why not contact us to find out more about volunteering with JustHelping this Christmas.