New partnership to generate donations for the Christmas tree collection

JustHelping is pleased to announce a new initiative for the winter 2018/9 Christmas tree collection.

We have formed a partnership with ‘Forest and Fir’, a company that supply premium grade Christmas trees from sustainable plantations in the UK. The Christmas trees are delivered direct to the door on a date and time of the buyer’s choice when they place an order online, on the Forest and Fir website. Their aim is to help people buy a real Christmas tree which can be delivered directly to their home, safe in the knowledge that it comes from a sustainable source and it is a premium product.

When the buyer applies a unique coupon code (HOSPICE) in the charity code field during the checkout process, it will identify the charity and Forest and Fir will donate a royalty of £10 per unit for Christmas trees of 6ft and above and £5 per unit for trees of 5ft and below.  JustHelping is a non-for-profit organisation so these donations will increase our distributions to hospices and other charitable organisations.

Forest & Fir sells only premium grade Trees drawn from the UK. Premium grade ensures a Tree is of symmetrical shape, consistent density of foliage with no dead or damaged branches.

The Christmas trees are drawn from sustainable plantations here in the UK and for every tree cut, two are planted in its place. The plantations are part of the British Christmas Tree Growers' Association which ensures the highest environmental standards are adhered to.

Buying a real British tree compared to an artificial tree is beneficial for the environment too. According to the Carbon Trust, the carbon footprint of a natural 2 metre tall tree that ends up as firewood or chippings for use in a local park has a carbon footprint of 3.5kg of CO2 in contract to that of an artificial tree of the same height which is 40kg of CO2. A potted Christmas tree has a further reduced carbon footprint as it can be planted into the garden and reused over many years.

Whilst the trees are growing, they provide excellent habitat for wildlife and many bird species. The trees are cut in winter which has little affect on the breeding pattern of wildlife and then, after the festive season, the trees be given a new lease of life through the Christmas tree collection scheme where individuals can donate when they book in their tree for collection online. With between six and eight million Christmas trees sold each year in the UK, you can only imagine how much money this could raise to help people with life-limiting illnesses and their families.

We are delighted with our new partnership with Forest & Fir which will help people to make informed choices when buying a Christmas tree and encourage them to book it for collection and recycling helping to raise money for these very deserving charities.