Now What Happened to My Tree?

If you chose to register your Christmas tree with us, you may be asking yourself what’s actually happened to it? Where has it gone and how was it recycled?  Once the wonderful volunteers collected your tree, there’s a number of things it may be used for.

Here’s three ways your tree is put to good use:


We’re very passionate about recycling old Christmas trees, as opposed to just tipping them. So once the volunteers have collected your Christmas tree, they will have take it to an organised drop-off point. Here, the trees are allowed to pile up and then, local tree surgeons professionally and safely, recycle your tree. The chipper machine can shred a tree in a matter of seconds. The chippings from the trees can be used in many different ways such as for use on paths in gardens and parks or also for use as mulch on farmland.

Dug into sand dunes

Last year, some of the collected Christmas trees by St Kentigern’s Hospice were dug into sand dunes in Denbighshire. The trees were planted across 100 square metres at Barkby Beach in Prestatyn in order to stop the erosion to the area. The area lacks grass which would naturally hold the dunes together. Once the old Christmas trees became covered in sand, grass can be transplanted in the reinforced ground.

Provides habitat

Despite being slightly withered, some of the Christmas trees can be planted in woodland areas such as Ogden Reservoir. Any trees that still hold their roots can be planted in this area and trees without roots can be used to create a border around the reservoir. Not only does this prevent people from accessing the water as a safety measure, it also helps the local habitat (including birds, mammals, insects and plants) to thrive!

Our 2019 collection is now over, and we managed to collect over 33,000 trees which can now be put to good use in other ways. As well as this, we’ve managed to raise over £343,000 for deserving hospices! Whether you registered your tree for collection with us, formed part of the volunteering teams or simply provided our hard-working volunteers with a cup of tea – we can’t thank you enough!