Our Christmas Mission

Founded in 2012, JustHelping has spent the past 6 years inspiring and supporting people, businesses, charities and other organisations to contribute to their community. Our non-profit organisation is governed by Trustees who volunteer their time to help direct the work of the charity, a full time Chief Executive and a small administrative team.  With the vision for a life where community is at the heart of society and people work together to take care of the less fortunate, we created our Christmas mission.

Volunteers from community groups, local businesses and hospices, collect and recycle real Christmas trees to raise money for our partnered hospices and other local charities. It is a festive, fun community event that completes the Christmas period, taking place after twelfth night. Collecting and recycling Christmas trees allows communities to engage with one another, whilst encouraging people to donate to charities which is something we are all passionate about.

The collection process is simple. All you have to do is register your tree on our website from the 15th November and then, in early January, your tree will be collected by the volunteers. The wonderful volunteers give up their free time, use their own petrol and work tirelessly in all weathers to cover all the trees.

We also have local tree surgeons who join the volunteers for the collection. They chip the Christmas trees which are then recycled for use in parks and gardens or mulch on farmland. Despite the trees being withered, we can also use them in woodland areas to provide habitat for small animals or to protect sand dunes from erosion in North Wales.

We do not charge for collecting your tree however, the success of our collection relies entirely on your generous donations. It is preferable for the volunteers not to accept cash donations during collection and so we ask if you can please donate on our website when you register your tree. JustHelping is a non-for-profit charity and deducts 10% after direct costs which go towards the operating costs of JustHelping’s.  Of the remainder, unless otherwise stated, 90% is donated to the local hospice and 10% to other local charities, as nominated by the collection volunteers.

For the 2018 collection, we set a target of collecting 18,000 trees. We smashed this target with a final collection amount of nearly 24,000 trees and in 2019, we collected over 33,000 trees. We can’t wait for what promises to be another record-breaking year, whilst raising large amounts of money for hospices and charities of whom we are proud to support.