The 4 C’s of Christmas Tree Buying

Christmas trees are the centre piece of any home. Friends, family and loved congregate around them and carefully wrapped presents shelter under the branches until Christmas day. They are an integral part to the festive season. Yet every year, they create the biggest debate – real or artificial?

Now they may all be lovingly decorated with ornaments and lights, but here are the pros and cons that you will need to consider before you go off to buy your tree:


When it comes to price, you’ll save money long-term if you go artificial. Artificial tree prices start from around £25 whereas real Christmas trees market at around £50. Although the price does increase for better quality trees, you are still saving annually as artificial trees have a very long lifespan and usually include a stand and sometimes have lights already built in! Real trees can soon create a hefty bill once you have purchased the skirt, the stand, the lights and the ornaments.  

Christmas Factor

There really is no argument that if you want your home to feel Christmassy, you have to have a real tree. Some artificial trees may look as good as a real one, but they definitely don’t have that same smell of fresh pine. Once decorated with baubles, lights and trinkets a real tree is simply beautiful and without doubt creates that true special Christmas ambience.

Carbon footprint

Artificial trees have a much larger carbon footprint and therefore a greater negative environmental impact as they are non-recyclable and non-biodegradable. Despite the fact real Christmas trees have to be cut down, they are actually removing carbon dioxide from the air whilst giving out oxygen during their lifespan and when they are cut down, they can be recycled and turned into mulch.


It’s a no brainer that artificial Christmas trees are much easier to maintain than real trees. There’s no watering, no cleaning, no having to collect dropped pine needles or sap off the floor, and there is certainly no thought needed into the collection and removal of your tree! An artificial tree will fit into a cardboard box ready to be packed away for another year. The real Christmas tree will need to be removed from the house and disposed of and as environmentally friendly as possible.

And yes, that’s exactly where we come in! We, or rather the fabulous volunteers, will collect real Christmas from hundreds of different postcodes to save you the hassle of trying to get rid of the tree. We then recycle the trees by chipping them which can then be used later as mulch - just another reason why we love real trees so much!

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