The Hospice of St Francis first Christmas tree collection

The Hospice of St Francis, which helps people in St Albans and Harpenden, collected 406 trees, raising £4,076.00 (including Gift Aid) for the hospice and were delighted with their first Christmas tree collection. 

A team of volunteers set out on January 6 and 7, supported by recycling contractor Veolia collecting all the trees. The old Christmas trees were then sent to a processing site to be be made into compost.

This was the first Christmas tree collection for the hospice and everyone in the fundraising department were thrilled with how successful it was.

The success of the collection was due to the hard work and commitment of a number of volunteers from the Lions of Harpenden and St Albans, the Round Table as well as Veolia and the council who helped with the collection.

Money raised will go towards toys and books for children dealing with the loss of a parent, for delicious and nutritious smoothies to encourage a patient with a poor appetite to enjoy eating again or to fund one of the hospice’s beds for an hour.

10% off the monies raised was also passed on to the Harpenden Lions who received £220.66. The St Albans Lions who were also allocated £220.66 re-donated their donation back to the hospice.