The results are in …… Christmas tree collection 2019

Thank you. WOW!. You did it with your donations of £412,535* and the fabulous volunteers who collected and recycled a staggering 33,233 real Christmas trees. It was thanks to your kind generosity with an average donation of £11.01 that the Christmas tree collection has raised so much money.

And after weeks of planning some 919 volunteers from across the country set off in vans, trucks and lorries to collect the trees from the local homes and businesses who had donated and registered their tree online. The first volunteers were chomping at the bit, eager to pick up the trees setting out on a bright and early on a chilly 4th of January.

And the Christmas tree collection is a true event in every sense with support from all corners of the community from the volunteers delivering leaflets to local homes, collecting the trees and businesses who donate vans and their services to help with the smooth running of the day and of course, not forgetting those who provide food and nourishment to sustain the troops.

If you are wondering what happens to all the trees, we can tell you that the bulk of them were shredded, and the chippings used in local parks, turned into compost for farms, golf clubs and garden centres. In some cases, the trees are put to use such as in North Wales, where they are ‘planted’ to reduce erosion of the sand dunes, in Yorkshire, at Ogden Water Local Nature Reserve to create a habitat for wildlife or donated to local agricultural colleges where they are chipped by students learning to use the chipper.

Farleigh Hospice in Chelmsford collected the greatest number of trees – 2,715, closely followed by St Luke’s Hospice in Winsford with 2,482 but it truly the spirit of the day which wins as feedback from a hospice fundraiser said about her experience of the collection, ‘….seeing everyone pull together….it was incredibly warming to know that so many people can be brought together in a way that demonstrates community and compassion for their local area and their local hospice.

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*Before operating costs and including Gift Aid.