We're looking for volunteers.

We’re a small charity with big ambitions, so we’re always on the look out for volunteers to help us  achieve our vision. Volunteers are a vital part of our organisation and we wouldn't exist without them. Volunteering is one of the most rewarding things you can do and it's good for your health too!

There’s lots that volunteers can do to help us, but here are some of the main things we need help with:

  • Engaging communities, by raising awareness locally, inspiring people to start one or get involved in a Christmas tree collections. 
  • Promoting the Christmas tree collection so that we can grow the collections each year and raise more money for hospices and local charities. 
  • Get involved and join an existing collection or take up the reins and start a collection in your area. We will support you along the way. You can see where all our current collections are here

The value we place on our volunteers is immeasurable. Some volunteers may be able to make a regular commitment and others may only be able to help on an occasional basis. The peak organisation time for our Christmas tree collection is from September to collection day in January but it's never to early to start - planning is everything.  

Specifically for the Christmas tree collection we are looking for:

  • Team Leaders - to co-ordinate the volunteers in a postcode area 
  • Leaflet distributors - to distribute leaflets to homes in the local area and to Christmas tree sellers 
  • Van drivers - to drive a van to collect the trees 
  • Crew for the van - to collect the trees and drop off at the designated area

If you are interested to hear more about the roles or would like to discuss ways to get involved with the Christmas tree collection, please email us at or complete the Contact Form