What we do - a volunteers view

There are a number of reasons why people choose to volunteer. For some it allows them to give something back to their local community and make a difference to the people around them. Some enjoy the challenge of learning a new skill, building on existing knowledge and meeting other like-minded people. However, regardless of the driver, the uniting factor is that volunteering can be as challenging and it is rewarding.

As well as the immeasurable difference volunteering can make in the lives of others, it also offers many health benefits too. 

It goes without saying that being more physically and mentally active is beneficial for your health.  Volunteering with others increases social interaction and where people come together sharing a common commitment and interest can help increase the feel-good factor and reduce depression. Successfully completing a project in the community gives a sense of purpose and achievement and increases your self confidence too!

Watch our video to hear about one of our volunteers who helps with the Christmas tree collection in aid of St Ann's Hospice. 

So why not start reaping the benefits and start volunteering today?