Zoo animal residents love Christmas trees!

Animals including chimpanzees, bears and parrots at the Welsh Mountain Zoo are to get extra bedding and feed thanks to the donation of over 50 real Christmas trees collected as part of the Christmas tree collection in aid of St Kentigern Hospice.

And it's not just at the zoo in North Wales, many zoos ask people to consider donating their old Christmas trees to the animals. Camels and pygmy goats chew on the branches and the big cats really love to play with them. Christmas trees have numerous benefits for zoo animals, stimulating their sense of smell and offering variety. Once the animals have finished mauling and chomping on them, the trees are wood chipped and used as bedding, so nothing goes to waste.

Recycling old Christmas trees in this way is a productive way of disposing of them and helping their own charitable causes too. A real Christmas tree that ends up in landfill decomposes and produces methane gas, which is 25 times more potent as a greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide, according to The Carbon Trust. Burning a Christmas tree just releases the carbon dioxide it stored when it was growing.

You can view more here courtesy of a BBC report. 

Photograph of Laura Parry from St Kentigern Hospice with Marcia Azevedo Moreira of the Welsh Mountain Zoo courtesy of the Rhyl Journal.