The Charity Christmas Tree Collection...


The 2014 collection has been a huge success and thank you to everyone involved.

We are currently making applications for the gift aid but we anticipate raising approximately £13,000 for charities, the vast majority of which will go to the local hospices for the collection area/s (see below).

We have decided to leave the text below to give indication of what the event is all about and how it works, it is simple and it is a great event to be involved's like a treasure hunt for the collection team/s. If you would like to know more then please contact us via the 'contact us' tab above.

Best wishes to all from the Just Helping Charity team ............................................................................................................................

We are now ready for the 2014 Charity Xmas Tree Collection and re-cycling event.

Please help help help others!

You will note that we have expanded with a number of new collection areas, please see below for more information. All monies raised will go to the local hospice and other fantastic local causes.

Collections in your area

Please enter your post code to find collections in your area.

You will be able to make donations prior to, or from Friday 6th Dec. Please keep checking the site for updates.

If you would like us to email you when we fully open the registration then please enter your email address below and click submit, it is as simple as that.

The 2014 Xmas Tree Collections are in the huge areas covered by:

St Luke's (Cheshire)Hospice,
St Mary's Hospice Ulverston,
St Johns Hospice Lancaster,
Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice (Liverpool)
Wirral Hospice St John's
Hospice Isle of Man

We had fantastic feedback from everyone who registered their tree for collection last year (January 2013 collection) and we hope to collect hundreds or even even thousands of trees again this year.

This is up to you so please register your tree for collection now, the more the better!

This charity event raises a lot of money for the Hospices and other local good causes. It is also a 'great fun event' for the collection is like a treasure hunt!! To undertake the collections we need collection teams in those areas so can you help?.....without volunteers we will not have a collection!

If you think you could help then please get in touch using the contact us section on this website. The collection areas are in the very large areas of the hospices noted above. This is a great event for volunteers and we work hard to ensure your donated time is spent working within a friendly team and having good fun so please get in touch. Thanks again from the Just Helping team and don't forget to register your tree for collection!

The 2014 collection is in association with:

St Luke's (Cheshire) Hospice,

St Mary's Hospice Ulverston,

St Johns Hospice Lancaster,

Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice(liverpool) and,

Wirral Hospice St John's

Hospice Isle of Man .

Have your Xmas tree collected by the Just Helping and the Hospice collection team for a small donation to your local hospice and other local charities, leave the effort of getting rid of your tree to us. No more mess in your car!! :)

The Christmas tree collection is a fantastically simple idea and we have a growing team of volunteers ready to collect trees from your homes. Insert your postcode into the search box above and see whether there is a collection in your area, you will know immediately via an automated message. A lot of effort and expertise has helped us to make these collections an economical and green way to dispose of all the trees, so please let us do it for you......for a small donation!

It is so very simple, if we are collecting in your area then continue with the online registration to register your tree for collection and make an online donation at the same time...we will do the rest. The online registration is now open so please register as soon as possible, this will help us to plan our resources to carry out all the collections! You can join in and help us if you wish?

The actual tree collection will take place using local volunteers and vehicles over different weekends so please note the following dates

St Luke's (Cheshire)Hospice - Sat 4th and Sun 5th January

Zoë’s Place Baby Hospice (Liverpool)- Week commencing Mon 6th Jan

St Mary's Hospice Ulverston - Sat 11th and Sun 12th January

St Johns Hospice Lancaster - Sat 11th and Sun 12th January

Wirral Hospice St John's - Sat 11th and Sun 12th January

Hospice Isle of Man - between 6th - 12th January

Collection areas

We are collecting from most of the postcodes in each of the hospice areas, these are huge areas so there is a good chance you can support this event by registering your tree.

We really hope that we can collect your tree but in the event that we are not collecting in your area you will automatically be told at the time you put in your postcode - but even doing this might help us in the future!

We hope to rapidly expand the collections in future years to cover other locations in the country with the ultimate aim to develop national coverage for the tree collection. To achieve this we will gather information from ever postcode entry so even if your address is not covered this year we will use the information to help us target the growth of the collections in the future. So please register or event try to register and help us make this year's collection and future collections a resounding success.....remember it's all for charity.

Suggested minimum donation

The suggested minimum donation for each tree is £5.00 and we are able to collect more than one tree from each address if you wish. Please indicate any additional trees you may have when you register.

The date of your tree collection

Due to the unpredictable number and locations of trees to be collected we can only state at this time that your tree will be collected between the dates indicated for your collection area.

All we ask is that you leave the tree in a safe and prominent place so that we can collect it easily. Please leave any additional instructions about the location of the tree when you register with your address information. This could be something like to the garden gnome in the front garden!!! or the right hand side of the drive, next to the front door etc. this information will help us find your tree easily. But dont forget to put it out!!

Making a larger donation

If you would like to donate more money than the minimum £5.00 donation then we would be delighted to receive this money on behalf of the charities and good causes, please simply adjust the donation amount indicated in the donation box and thank you on behalf of everyone.

Bad weather planning

The collection is planned to be carried over the dates indicated but should the weather "conspire" to prevent us from collecting over this period we will collect your tree/s as soon as practicably possible. We will put information on this website should this happen.

In addition, should we receive a fantastic response from the residents within the collection areas we will extend the collection dates and will again notify you about this via this website. Please be assured, we will aim to collect your tree as soon as practicably possible.


Please use the contact us tab and let us know your thoughts on any aspects of the collection, we need to know what you think so that we can continually improve what we do and how we do it. We are aware that this takes a little effort but it is so very important to us at Just Helping so as requested, please take time to let us know what you think.....thanks in anticipation from Just Helping and the wider collection teams for any feedback you provide.