What is the Charity Christmas tree collection?


The Charity Christmas tree collection is a fun community event where our volunteers collect and recycle Christmas trees.

It takes place at the end of the festivities usually on the first weekend in January after Twelfth night.

We work in partnership with hospices, sports clubs, Scouts, Round Table and local businesses to build teams of volunteers to run the event. 

In January 2016, JustHelping recycled nearly 8000 Christmas trees in 18 towns across the UK. With more than 500 volunteers supporting their communities we raised nearly £83,000 for charity. 

In January 2017, we collected over 13,000 trees working with even more hospices, organisations and volunteers.


How it all works



  • You register online to have your tree collected

  • At registration we ask you to make a voluntary donation

  • On collection day the JustHelping system helps with route maps for our collection teams

  • The fantastic collection teams use a fleet of vans to collect the trees and take them to special recycling centres



Where the donations go....

In 2017, we raised £125,929 for the Charity Christmas tree collection.

£111,745 went to hospices and £14,183 went to support other local charities.

Except where otherwise stated for a collection, our policy is that after deduction of direct costs of the collection, 10% of the donations go to support JustHelping continue its mission. Of the remainder, 90% is donated to the local hospice and 10% to charities nominated by the collection volunteers. 

For further details regarding our 2017 Charity Christmas tree collections please click here.








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